From left to right: Luke Chittick (Drug and Alcohol Counselor), Jeremy Dickson (Sober Living Manager), Jayne Fayngold (Thrift Store Manager) and Craig Miller (Facility Director, Addiction Recovery Center)

Recovery Health Network (RHN) was created to help you save up to 94% on your prescription drugs at more than 96,000 pharmacies nationwide. This free discount program was started by a few friends who were in the same recovery center  receiving treatment to live clean and sober lives. Their shared common experience included waiting in lines several times each day to receive costly prescription drugs. This is where they realized most residents at the center either had minimal insurance, or more commonly, had no health insurance at all. The residents were constantly made aware of the high cost of the drugs, and how the cost of those necessary prescriptions would severely impact their lives in the future. Though the friends were fortunate enough to have adequate insurance, witnessing the daily anguish of their fellow residents motivated them to discover a way to provide a program which could lower the cost of prescription drugs and make those prices available to every person in need through volume discounts.

Through extensive negotiations with drug companies, pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers, we are able to offer such a program to you at no cost.

Our volume discounts work because drug manufacturers would rather sell 100 units at $1 each, then sell 50 units at $1.50. So when our cards are used, they win and we get that discount. Pharmacies participate because patronage of their pharmacy services generates foot traffic through the stores aisles (remember the pharmacy is always at the back of the store) so they win too through increased sales. The pharmacy benefit managers (drug broker) get a percentage of each prescription filled, so they win too.

This win-win-win arrangement enables you to receive large discounts on all of your prescription drug needs for FREE through our network RHN. The more we purchase as a group, the more we all save, which makes us the biggest winners of all. Through RHN, you will be able to purchase all of your needed prescriptions, receiving large discounts and minimizing this impact on your lifestyle.

RHN’s free discount drug program allows you, your family, and friends to save money. Simply, present the RHN discount card to any pharmacy and start saving.

We at RHN like to say “we grow our own,” meaning we hire people who have graduated successfully from the same recovery center that we did and have at least one year of sobriety. We want to help give our fellow travelers in recovery a great start through this outstanding cause