Kathy Talkington, Advocate for women, Spencer, IN

I just ordered cards to give to women in abusive situations who have little or no resources. We live in a very rural area and our unemployment stats are high – we have little industry. Women and their children are isolated and restricted; We do have a rural health care clinic, but if a patient gets a prescription that costs $50 or $200, they can’t follow through with proper treatment. I am so anxious to extend this program to people in need in our county! Thank you.

Sharon Yahke, Northern Correctional Facility, WV

I gave these cards to inmates being released from custody. They are intended to help them be able to afford the medication they need. It is just one more way to try and help them get back on their feet and hopefully not come back to prison.

Becky, Ohio, Department of Correction

Your organization is wonderful! Not only are you helping the DOC, but my bf is an ex-addict and he is how I heard of you. He has benefited from your program and we both thank you all tremendously! Take care and God bless!

Hedda Westlake, Arizona Dept. of Corrections

We distributed them to offenders being released from prison. AHCCCS is no longer accepting felons released from prison and it is imperative for them to get some medical assistance with cost for medications including psychiatric medication. Your company came to the rescue and took up the slack from the state. Thank you so much.

Florida Department of Corrections, Tallahassee, FL

The partnership between the Florida Department of Corrections and Recovery Health Network has allowed our agency to provide a critical reentry resource to our inmates and offenders at no cost to the Department. We look forward to a continued partnership with Recovery Health Network and the services they provide

Janette Cortes, Social Director Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

We always welcome any agency that is focused on helping the members of the communities that we serve. We have found that your cards have been popular at our sites. As you know, we just recently placed an order to receive more. Now that our sites are familiar with your card and know that you print in different languages, we will continue to order from your agency. It\’s very important that we give our clients resources in their own language so they can understand the information and get the most out of the discount card. Thanks again for all that you do to help those in need.